We Offer Pet Microchipping Services!

Chase Graham in his patriotic bandanaWhen celebrating the Fourth of July, do not forget to keep your pets safe and comfortable during get-togethers and firework shows. Some animals may not be used to crowds of people and loud noises, and may become frightened by the drastic change in their daily routine.

There are ways you can help decrease your pet's anxiety at home, but if the anxiety is too great feel free to give us a call so we can help keep your pets safe and happy throughout the holiday weekend!

Helpful tips you can try at home:

  1. Remember to never punish your pet when they are scared. It may reconfirm that they should be afraid.
  2. Do not reassure your pet. Believe it or not this too will reconfirm that they should be afraid.
  3. Distract your pet with food or play. Consider playing music, keeping the television on, or have a fan on for "white" noise.
  4. Provide a dark room with all windows and doors closed to deaden the outside noises.
  5. Remember that is OK to keep your pet inside while get-togethers/picnics are going on outside. Keeping your pet crated or indoors away from the commotion will ensure that they will not get into any food they should not eat. It will also keep them from getting stressed or anxious because of all the people around.