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Although Halloween is a fun time of the year for both adults and children, the holiday can be scary and pose dangers for pets. Here are some useful tips to help you keep your dog or cat safe this season.

  • Pet costumes are just as popular as kids costumes this year, so take a few minutes to make them safe for your pet:

      Dog with Halloween Treats
      Keep Halloween treats away from pets!
    1. Make sure your pet will even wear a costume; if not, try a bandana or collar.
    2. Make sure the costume fits properly, having it too tight may irritate the skin or pull at the hair. However, a costume that is too large, may cause your pet to catch on something or trip over it causing injury.
    3. Make sure to watch your pet so that they do not chew and swallow pieces of the outfit.

  • If you are planning to take your pet with you trick-or-treating, be sure that they are on a leash even if you intend to carry them around with you.

  • Door bells can cause pets to bark excessively. You may wish to keep your pet in a room at the back of the house or apartment or in a cage until trick-or-treating is done to keep them safe. Play music or turn on the TV so that pets have familiar noises to keep them calmer.

  • With trick-or-treaters coming frequently to the door, pets may become fearful and try to escape. Be sure to have your pet properly identified (name tag, collar, microchip) in case this should happen.
  • Keep jack-o-lanterns out of reach because candles in the pumpkin have the potential of burning your pet. You may want to consider using an LED light instead. Your pet may also try to eat the pumpkin which may cause diarrhea.

  • Halloween decorations such as fake cobwebs and hanging streamers can become an attraction to cats. Because they look like toys, your feline friends may try to eat them and cause an obstruction of the intestines.

  • Keep all the candy up and away from your pet. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, and sugar-free candy that contains xylitol can be potentially dangerous. If your pet has helped themselves to the Halloween treats, please give us a call.

The doctors and staff of Illiana Veterinary Hospital want you and your pets to have a Safe and Happy Halloween!