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July is Fire Prevention Month. No one ever wants their home to be destroyed due to fire. To lose a pet to fire in addition to losing your home would be devastating. Take a few minutes to plan ahead to protect your pets in the event of a fire.

  • Pet Fire Safety Sign - Save My PetPlace a sticker near your home's front door. The sticker should indicate the number and type of pets in the house. This sticker alerts firefighters to know what they will need to look for inside the house especially if you are not home when the fire occurs.

  • Plan an escape route to save yourself and your pets ahead of time. You may not want to think about this now, but it can be very important to have a plan. Having your dogs in kennels at night and while you are out of the house, allows you to know where you have to go to find them. If the kennel is small, you can pick it all up and go, otherwise leash your pets so that they will not run away once outside.

    If your pets are not kenneled, know where their hiding spots are ahead of time so that you can let firefighters know where to search. Please remember, do not risk your own life to search for a pet at the time of a fire. Leave a door or window open and call the pet's name once outside.
  • Make an Emergency Kit for your pets. An emergency kit should include a copy of vaccine record, one to two days of your pets medications, a photo of your pet, and a small amount of your pet's food (be sure to change frequently). You may have to board your pet a short period while recovering from the fire.

  • Know where you will go after a fire. Contact local hotels to see if they accept pets. Talk with friends and family if they would be able to house you and your pets while recovering from the fire.

Take some time to plan ahead and you will be prepared to keep everyone in the house safe in case of a fire.