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  1. Prepare for the Trip

    1. Be sure your pet is up-to-date with vaccines.
    2. If traveling by plane, be sure to check with the airline to find out what their rules and regulations are.
    3. If traveling by car, go out on short trips to be sure that your pet does not get car sick. If they do, give us a call to discuss medications that can help.
    4. Be sure to make reservations in a pet friendly hotel before leaving. The following web site can help you find a hotel that will allow pets: OfficialPetHotels.com.

      Pet Travel Kit
      Pet Travel Kit
      Dog in Pet Carrier
    Pet Travel Kit

    1. Copy of your pet's health records
    2. Phone number of Emergency Clinics in the area you are going
    3. Portable bowls for food and water
    4. Bottled water or a thermos of water from home
    5. Treats
    6. Extra leash and collar
    7. Toy/Favorite Pillow
    8. Food for the time you will be gone plus two extra days
    9. Medications for time you will be gone plus two extra days
    10. Trash bags for waste pick up
    11. Cleaning supplies in case your pet gets sick

  3. Travel by Car

    1. Pets should not be able to move around in the car. Be sure to have your pet in a carrier or secured to a seatbelt. This way if there ever was an accident your pet is protected.
    2. Keep your pets head inside at all times. Your pet may like to hang its head out the window to take in all of the new smells, but it can become injured by flying debris. Crack the window to let them take in the smells.
    3. Give your pet plenty of stops. They have a chance to exercise and eliminate.
    4. Never allow your pet out of the car without a leash and collar. Your pet may come back on command at home, but with new smells to check out may not respond as well.
    5. Bring along a friend or family member to not only share the driving, but share the pet care. This way you can get food and bathroom breaks without leaving your pet alone.

  4. Travel by Plane

    1. Contact the airline in advance to find out what is needed to travel with a pet. You will need to know the size of your pet, type of carrier that is acceptable, vaccine requirements, and if a heath certificate is needed.
    2. Your pet can become very nervous when flying. Talk with us if a tranquilizer will be needed before flying.
    3. If your pet is large, it may need to travel in the cargo hold. Please remember the cargo hold may be pressurized but not heated. Travel times will be limited. Another choice is to send your pet to your destination on its own flight. Airlines like Pet Airways fly large animals in the main cabin where it is pressurized and temperature controlled.
    4. Take a direct flight to limit the stress on your pet.
    5. Have an address label on the carrier with your cell phone number as well as carrying a photo of your pet with you in case you get separated.
    6. Feed your pet two to three hours before travel. Be sure to have water on hand.
    7. Never take your pet out of the carrier while the plane is in flight.