We Offer Pet Microchipping Services!

veterinary-pharmacyIlliana Veterinary Hospital offers an array of both prescription and over the counter products to keep your pet happy and healthy. Our in-house pharmacy is stocked with prescription medications to provide preventive care, treat illnesses and ensure that your pet's medication is always available.

Our prices are competitive and our helpful and knowledgeable staff can discuss your pet's needs with you and advise products for them. Often, there are additional discounts or rebates from manufacturers that are only offered through a veterinary office that still give you a product guarantee.

Some medications and products we offer include:

  • Heartworm Preventative — These are prescription medications to prevent heartworm disease. Your dog should be heartworm tested annually then kept on preventative monthly. We carry a monthly chewable tablet (Heartgard Plus) and a regular tablet (Iverhart Max) for all sizes of dogs.

  • Flea/Tick Preventative Products — We carry over the counter products which include topical spot-on preventatives (Frontline Plus) and flea sprays for your pet and home (Vet-Kem products). Please call for an appointment if your pet is scratching excessively, losing an excessive amount of hair, has red or inflamed areas of skin, or if you just aren't sure if your pet has fleas.

  • Prescription Diet Foods — These are prescription diets formulated for pets with specific medical problems, as diagnosed by their veterinarian. We carry prescription diets made by Hills and Royal Canin for cats and dogs. We now carry Hill's Prescription Diet Stews!

  • Shampoos — We carry basic grooming shampoo/conditioner as well as medicated shampoos and sprays to dispense for pets diagnosed with dermatological conditions.

  • Dental Products — Oral hygiene chews and oral rinse (Virbac products).

  • Treats — Hills palatable and healthy treats for your pet.