July Pet Vaccine Special

Our team of caring professionals provides Warm, Friendly, and Professional Service to both you and your pet.

 Veterinary Technician Melanie with DogMelanie grew up in a small town out in the middle of nowhere where her love for every kind of animal sparked her interest in the veterinary medical field. In 2013, she received her degree as a Certified Veterinary Technician. Melanie currently has five rambunctious cats – Obsidian, Meeko, Penguin, Remy and Oliver – and a handsome little beagle named Wicket.
Certified Veterinary Technician Renee BlockerRenee has been with the Illiana Veterinary Hospital team for several years. She began working as an animal care specialist, but is now a Certified Veterinary Technician, having graduated with a CVT degree in the spring of 2015.  At home, she keeps herself busy taking care of all her critters — two cats, Zelda and Smokey, and five dogs, Trixie, Midnight, Lexi, Mia, and Peanut.
Linda Veraldi, Client Care Specialist at Illiana Veterinary HospitalLinda is a retired critical care nurse who has worked for several years in the veterinary field. Her experience in nursing of 16 years has prepared her well for taking care of the various health problems of animals. Linda finds that caring for animals and their owners very special and rewarding.

ccs-denise-tiller-dog-mckaylaDenise, while a new team member at Illiana Veterinary Hospital, is a third generation client of the hospital. Her entire family has experienced the care and devotion of the doctors and staff over the many years. Her four-legged family consists of a soon-to-be 14-year-old Rottweiler mix “Pacey," a chow mix, “Baby Girl,” a golden retriever “McKayla,” and her granddog, “Keeleigh” (one of baby girl’s pups) whom her daughter adopted.


Kennel Assistant Amanda Vree with CatAmanda has been part of our team since 2008. Her area of responsibility is the kennel, where she helps with the hospitalized patients. She also does a great job in assisting the veterinarians and technicians with everyday care of the patients. Amanda is currently enrolled at Purdue University Calumet Campus, studying computer science. At home she has three cats named Etsy, Tubee, and Evil.
Jewel B, Pet Care AttendantJewel and her family immigrated from Cebu City, Philippines, in 2006. After originally working in a clerical position for 2 years, she decided to pursue her love of animals and became a staff member at Illiana Veterinary Hospital. Jewel's area of responsibility is the kennel. What she does for hospitalized patients is vital to their recovery. Jewel observes and reports response to medical treatment and surgical recovery. Her calm, gentle demeanor is a comfort to all our patients. We are really happy to have Jewel as a team member.